Destination Weymouth: Saturday Night!

So it’s Saturday night and time for some action. Now neither myself nor Rich are quite the age when Saturday night meant a gallon of Kouros and the promise of saliva exchange to the strains of Jennifer Rush’s The Power of Love with someone who, in the cold light of day and without the benefit … Continue reading Destination Weymouth: Saturday Night!


A Few Quiet Beers : Weymouth on an Autumn Night

A publisher calls me up. "We want a new book. Pubs and restaurants of Weymouth and Portland - An A-Z. You sample every place in the area except the two 'Spoons and that Yates Wine Lodge thing. And you can avoid  anywhere doing Saturday night 2 for 1 Jaeger Bombs. We pay you a huge … Continue reading A Few Quiet Beers : Weymouth on an Autumn Night